About us

We are reliable and time-tested partners of many enterprises which are producing brick and tile

About Company

GianClaySolution is an engineering partner for the development and supply of industrial lines and turn-key related services: raw material preparation lines, extruders, dried ovens, furnaces, automatic displacement systems, robotics, production monitoring and control systems. Our partners develop reliable, durable, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. Our know-how and technical experience from the project development stage to the start of production is a guarantee of high-quality equipment at a reasonable price and delivery time.

Technical support of existing industries

  • Identification and supply of original parts;
  • Mechanical, electrical and software diagnostics;
  • Examination before carrying out modernization, optimization of production lines;
  • Reconstruction and modernization of production lines;
  • Supply, installation, commissioning of individual equipment and production sites

Latest News

Drying kilns modernization

            In collaboration with Direxa Engeneering, the GCS team began working on the drying kilns modernization in the cement factory in the United States.