GCS provides technical support and after sales service for automated production lines.
GCS is a true industrial manufacturer which is able to provide technically adapted solutions for every request.

Technical support

  • Service areas:
    • Raw material preparation areas
    • Forming lines
    • Dryers and ovens
    • Auto move
    • Robotics
    • Automatism
    • Automated Tools
    • Control systems


Our technical support offer
  • Remote troubleshooting, diagnostics and repairs directly at the facility
  • Direct involvement of specialized technicians and engineers
  • Preventive maintenance and repair
  • Contracts with the provision of the Hotline service for the operation of robotics and an automated control system.


Spare parts

  • Spare parts supply (standard components and specific equipment)
  • Supply of high-wear parts
  • Annual contracts for provision
  • Establishment of a common base with the availability of expensive parts
  • Delegated Management
Modification and optimization of installations
GCS implements an audit of the technological process or existing installations, offers and implements modifications and optimization according to the customer’s technical specification:

    • Improve productivity, automate production lines, develop new products, etc.
    • Energy saving modes, increasing production, reducing the percentage of waste, improving product quality, etc.
    • Moving / Transforming Installations
    • Ensuring operational reliability and safety compliance
    • Replacing automatisms, frequency converters and actuators
    • Update of the automated control system (transition to the Wincer software)