Team Triogen joined forces for sales with an extensive network of distributors, thus more than 40 installations successfully operate throughout Europe and Ukraine.

  • Solid biomass cannot be used to produce electricity;
  • Biomass can be burned in stoves or boilers;
  • Flue gases are sent to an ORC heat exchanger;
  • The Triogen system is able to absorb flue gases with high temperatures (< 600 ° C)
  • Heat of flue gases with a high temperature can be converted into electricity;
  • Residual heat with low temperatures is used for heating and drying;
  • Currently, five factories are being commissioned in Eastern and Southern Europe;
  • The heat exchanger is equipped with a special device for removing dust from flue gases.

GCS team will help you with the organization of deliveries, paperwork, installation and installation of the equipment.

Triogen_Biomass Presentation in English

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